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Transparency in the food chain

COCOS Professional: The ERP system for the food industry

  • Seamless batch tracking throuout all your business processes
  • All goods transactions in real time though mobile computing
  • Best conditions for higher level certifications
  • Your corporate achievements in a clear overview



In a world where food production takes place far away from the customer, and the supply chain is more complex, there is a growing concern for the safety of what we eat. Thus, traceability of food products and their ingredients is gaining significance now more than ever.


Transparency helps companies maintain the highest quality. For consumers, it is an assurance that a product is good for their health and wellbeing.


As of July 1st, 2012 the European Union adopted a new, stricter, version of their implementing regulation 931/2011 where in is stipulated that origin, usage and storage of any batch has to be instantaneously available.


Because of this, a professional batch tracking system is nowadays indispensable for a responsible

food trading, producing or distributing company and a major part of their

quality management policies.


Instantaneous availability of batch information on food products and each of their ingredients is in case of an emergency essential to limit damage and to be able to take appropriate steps immediately.


 Despite the fact that traceability is so important to consumer protection and the liability of your company, many companies still record their batches manually in a spreadsheet, or even worse; handwritten on paper.


In case of an emergency this could lead to serious problems. Even when the number of deliveries is relatively small, a company could find it hard to deal with a sudden need for exact data.


Only with a professional, IT-supported, tracking system all necessary information can be made available in a clear and comprehensive manner.


In this day and age it’s so important that your raise your company to a new level of safety and transparency. This could save lives as well as the success of your company.

Food Safety


Your business needs under all circum-stances to be able to respond fast and thorough in case of an emergency. This is essential to avoid more damage and thus stay in business. In this day and age it’s also a legal and moral requirement.


Be honest; which of these

questions are you able to answer within a few minutes with 100% accuracy?

  • What are the batches of each ingredient of a certain batch of one of your products?
  • In which other batches was a specific batch of a certain ingredient also used?
  • Which supplier has delivered this batch and when?
  • To which customers were these batches delivered, when and in which quantities?
  • Which of these batches are still underway to your customers and can be recalled with a “silent recall”?
  • What’s our current stock position of the batch that needs to be blocked immediately?

Using COCOS you are able to answer all these questions instantly with the click of a button. This provides your company with a whole new level of safety and reassures your customers.